Monday, December 15, 2008

Weasley Sweaters 2007

Last year I knit three of the mini Weasley sweaters for our tree and several more for trees of friends. I knit one for every member of the Holmes family with their initials...kinda warms my heart to know that this year the sweaters will be on their tree (hopefully, if the dogs haven't ate the ornaments...or the tree).
Family and friends in San Diego seem even further away this time of year. ::heavy sigh::
Yarn Confession: Last night I realized that I've been in a bit of a frenzy, knowing that buying yarn will no longer be an option come January 1, looming so close on the horizon! I've been adding to the stash quite a bit over the last two I'm worried that I'll actually RUN OUT of yarn in 2009. Oh. Brother. I added enough yarn to the stash to make 2 sweaters, 1 hat and 4 pairs of socks. There's probably more but that's all I can remember after only one cup of coffee.
Maybe I should add some sort of clause to my "knit only from the stash in 2009" know, like if I use up ALL my stash before the end of 2009 I get to do something go to Stitches South in 2010? I can't go to Stitches this year because if falls over the weekend my sister is coming to visit, Justine's play, and our Anniversary. Besides...I'm. Not. Buying. Any. Yarn. In. 2009!!!!!

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