Sunday, August 26, 2012


 The weather called for rain, so when we headed out to Patapsco State Park, we didn't expect to do much hiking.  Luckily, the rain just sprinkled a bit and we did get to do some walking around.  We found the cutest visitor center, where we expected to buy a park pass and maps.  The building (which I didn't get a pic of) is an old stone house, the only remaining house from the 1868 flood.  Water rose 45 feet in the valley on that occasion.  YIKES!  Anyway, we decided to wait one more month on the yearly park pass so it would be good through the end of 2013 and, just our luck, they were out of maps. So we asked directions from the volunteer in the center and tried to find the "tunnel' and the trail heads.
 We had a beautiful walk down this road (wrong one to the tunnel, but pretty nonetheless). We saw a millipede!  It was about three inches long and moving pretty fast on all those feet!
 Then...we found the tunnel!!  But the trail heads are not through the tunnel, they're past the tunnel.  Found them, but by the time we did we were hungry and wanted lunch.
 I loved this sign!  There is a lake...not the water you see here, but behind this area.  It was full of families fishing and picnicking.  There were a bunch of off road bikers in the park, apparently they have many trails for bicycles to ride on, off road.  We did a lot of walking around and never stepped foot on a dirt trail...all paved!  I hope once the real trails start there is plenty of dirt and more "woodsy" trails.  Oh well, more to explore on another day.

While Mike was working in the garage, this little turtle came wondering in to visit.
 We put him in the back yard, hopefully he will travel toward the river instead of the street.

That rain I mentioned at the beginning of the post?  Well, it arrived this morning!  It's early on Sunday and there's a soft rain storm going on...lightening and thunder, too!  Not cold though...still a bit warm and steamy.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Today's View

 Justine, Gracie and I took a walk to our little river this afternoon.  The weather is so nice today...not too humid and low 80s.  All the trees and bushes got a nice dusting off from the rain we had last night, too.  The water looked so blue and sparkly.

 Here's out little bench we like to sit on and watch the river.  There was a guy crab fishing off our dock who we watched too.
 View from our bench.  It will be nice to see this change with the seasons.  That's the end of our dock on the left side.

Hope your view of the world is looking nice today too.

Just got word that Mike and Veronica made it to Fleming Island!  Yeah!!  Tomorrow they'll head to USF and get Veronica moved into the dorm.  Woohoo!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Subway Rider

Just read this on Ravelry.  You'll love it.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cowl Jump

Finished my cowl and got my medal!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Weird Maryland

 I mentioned in my last post that the yarn I bought today was hand-dyed by Snallygaster Fibers here in Maryland.  I also got a belated birthday present from my friend, Becky, in the mail today.  She got me the book "Weird Maryland", I also have Weird Florida courtesy of Ms. Becky, too.  These books are so much fun to read through...and even more fun to go find the weirdness for ourselves!  She also got me the latest Dean Koontz book and a bunch of other cool stuff, the best of which are her home-made BROWNIES! 

Anyway, we're reading through the book tonight at dinner and I tell Mike he has to read the article about Bigfoot.  Now, you might not know this but, he claims to have seen Bigfoot as a kid in Northern California, so Bigfoot has a special place in Mike's heart.  Anyway, he's reading the article and it mentions that Bigfoot is also called a Snallygaster!  I almost fell off my chair racing to get the business card from the yarn I just bought!  How funny is that?!  I've never heard the term Snallygaster and now I've seen it twice in one day!  Anyway, the Snallygaster was supposedly a beast that is winged, tentacled and clawed...will take off with your children, etc.  Now a days if you see one it's probably a kind of Bigfoot.  Weird.  Maryland.

Baltimore Adventure

 We drove to Baltimore Inner Harbor for lunch and some exploring today!  Here's a light house that was moved in 1998 from it's working position inland.  It had to be inland, instead of on the land's end, because the light and lay of the land would have guided ships directly into the land.  
 The wind was blowing and it was HOT...but we were having fun!  That crane above us was used to old the row boats that the lighthouse keepers used.

 Walking down the pier to restaurants and stuff.
 Last remaining Pearl Harbor ship the USCGS Taney.  We didn't tour it, but it was pretty cool to see.
 A piece of the World Trade Towers from 9/11.  It was in front of Baltimore World Trade Center.
 This plastic bug on the ground almost gave Mike a heart attach.  hahahahaha

 This was just a cool ship we saw on our walk to lunch.
 How's this for a Barnes and Noble?  The Hard Rock Cafe was next door...that's where we had lunch!
 So we're driving around the neighborhoods around Baltimore and we're sitting at a stop light.  A truck going across the intersection pull through and there it is...A YARN SHOP!!  I pointed and yelled, "Oh!  Look, a yarn shop!"  Mike says, "Ok, jump out here and we'll circle the block and pick you up in a few minutes."  Is he the perfect husband or what?!

 So I cross the street and enter Lovely Yarns!  A perfect name because it was absolutely lovely...and busy!  The small shop was packed with a class in the back, customers shopping, a private class taking place on the little couch...I was in heaven!  The owner greeted me warmly...I felt right at home!  But I knew I had to shop fast, don't want to take advantage of my impromptu find!  On one wall she had tons of sock yarn, almost all was locally dyed stuff...sweet!  I bought two skeins of Snallygaster Fibers, Lindy Hop Sock yarn...I really only intended to by one, but the shop owner who was ringing people up was busy helping another customer, so I continued to look and found another skein.  
 This skein is already wound up and ready to cast on!  Both skeins are self striping.  This one is called "Moosen in the Woodsen".  
 This one is called "Great Pumpkin".
 The owner suggested I take this flyer that has a map and info on all the shops in the neighborhood (called Hampden).  It's one of those cute neighborhoods with no chain-type restaurants/shops.  Sounds like a good place for date-night!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Finally on the Podium!

Here's my Ravellenic 2012 medal:

The dog is Bob.  He's the official mascot of Ravelry.  I think he may even be an employee.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shawlette Times Two

 Justine is showing off my latest shawlette FO, Wingspan. It's all garter stitch in short rows (turns w & t).  Sorry if you don't speak "knit" and don't understand what I just wrote.  The self-striping yarn (Jawoll Magic Degrade) is the only way to go so you can show off the "wedges".  It was actually kind of boring to knit but good for TV watching.  

This shawlette is Holden.  It was super fun to do!  One of those that starts in the center top and just about when you think you're going to go insane from all the boring get to start the lace part!  I did an extra lace repeat because sometimes I don't read directions too well.  Thank God I had enough yarn.  It's knit with Mmmmmmalabrigo Sock.  Thanks Mrs. Shurman for the inspiration!
 So here I am, ready to block this shawl (it was actually already soaking) when I can't find my blocking pins!!  I was going crazy, looking everywhere...can't find them!!  So luckily, I'm a sewer, too.  I found my pin cushion and used those pins. I wasn't able to block out every one of the picot points so it has a little bit of a ruffle edge to it.  I like it that way.  Still haven't found my pins yet.  I'm going to buy more then I'll be sure to find them.  

How cute is my model?  Can you believe that hair?!