Thursday, May 29, 2014

Throw Back Barb

Today's throwback is all about my sister, Barb.

My sister and I are 11 months apart in age.  So technically, for about three weeks, we're the same age.  In fact, right now we're the same age! I turn a year older in about a week.  As kids it was so funny...I wasn't the big sister for a few weeks and Barb never let me forget it!

Here we are in the boat ride at Marshall Scotty's Playland Park (in matching outfits...ugh, I hated that).  Nana and Grandaddy took us there for the day.  I remember it so one point we were thirsty so they bought us sodas.  I remember how good it ice cold Dr. Pepper in the bottle. Then after the soda we went on the pony ride.  I remember my tummy full of Dr. Pepper getting so shook up, bouncing up and down on that darn pony...I thought I was gonna explode!

Not sure what age we are here in these school photos...I may have been younger in my photo than Barb, but they're cute, so I thought I'd share them. You can see how different we looked.  She had brown, straighter hair and I had super blond curly hair.  But our facial features gave us away...sisters!  I always loved her hair, so much prettier (and more normal) than my curly. You can see in her face, even at such a young age, she had more self confidence than she know what to do with. 

I can't remember when this photo was taken, maybe on our trip across country with my mom and brother, Kurt in the summer before I started 10th grade.  I think Barb looks so adorable in this can see the grown up woman she's so close to becoming.  

My sis is a really amazing person.  She's a 5th grade teacher, loved by the kids, their families and especially the staff at her school.  I'm so proud of her for working so hard to become the wonderful, respected professional she's become.  

One of my favorite memories of her in more recent years, is her relationship with Veronica, when Veronica was a toddler.  When Barb was in college, before she started teaching in the classroom, she spent a lot of time with us. I remember Veronica just lighting up and running toward her Aunt Barb, so excited to see her!  I'll never forget that!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ten for Tuesday...Future Knits

Ten future projects I'd like to knit, in no particular order. 
All yarn is already in my stash!

I'd like to make this with a beautiful wool/silk blend I got as a gift from my friend Teri.  The silk with give it beautiful drape and the yarn is super soft. I'm really liking the infinity cowls made with fingering or doubled lace weights.

I have this pattern in one of my Knitscene magazines.  I'm going to make it with a purple wool from Knitpicks called Stroll Sport. The yarn is super soft and the light weight sport will make a great pullover.  I had intended to make another sweater with the yarn but have changed my mind.  Knitters prerogative.

This is another infinity cowl but made in a particular way that incorporates NO casting on, binding off, short rows, three needle bind off, and picking up of stitches.  Sounds like fun!  I just got two skeins of Cascade Heritage Silk in deep purple and deep pumpkin colors so those should make a lovely Fall scarf.

This beautiful beret is another fabulous pattern from Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting.  Her second Botanical Knits book should arrive in the mail mid June...but the ebook arrived a while ago. This is my second pattern I'll knit from her new book. I'll use Rowan's Felted Tweed DK in a mid-lavender tone.  Lovely!

This shawl-cowl hybrid is gonna be so lovely in my skein of Alegria I recently acquired through a destash.  Score!

I have a beautiful denim blue tonal that will be perfect for this vest!

I have a HUGE skein of Pagewood Farms Willow Creek...a lace weight of about 1350 yards!  Will make a perfect Rocio!  Yes, I know...a lace weight sweater!  Try it, it's not that much knitting and the results is a light weight, warm sweater.

I love to make fingerless mitts!  Here's one I've had my eye on for a while...I have a skein of Jitterbug in my stash I bought from a friend in Jacksonville.  

I've had some lovely mossy-green Cotton Fleece in my stash for a while...then this cover sweater from the 2014 Summer Interweave Knits magazine caught my eye.  Match!

This cowl is made with fingering weight yarn but I have a beautiful deep teal alpaca lace weight with enough to double and make this beauty.

Did you socks on this list? Well, there are quite a few future knits not on this list, including a t-shirt type pullover I got yarn for yesterday and a Mystery Shawl KAL I'm starting in June (oh, and socks).  It's just a sampling of what's coming down the knitting pike.

What's in your knitting future?

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Throw Back Thursday...Joey Style

They tell you time will go by fast. They say, "You'll turn around twice and they'll be all grown up." They warn you to enjoy every moment while they're young because they grow up fast. 

And it's hard to believe, until it actually happens.

Joey was born and he grew up way too fast, for me at least. In a couple weeks he'll graduate high school.  Guess I made the mistake of turning around twice.
He's loved music from just about day one. 
He's always ready for an adventure.
That hair used to be so blonde!
He's outgoing and could make a friend anywhere he went.
I'm so proud of him!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

#tbt...Kid Style

Every year when the kids were small, our good friend Elsie would send chocolate advent calendars to the kids.  
Justine got her smile from me...we have tons of pics of me making that same toothy grin!

Splashing at the beach in San Diego!

This picture cracks me up!  Joey remembers me saying to him, "Pretend like you're hitting your sister." Me? Say that? Ok, probably.
Look at Justine's face...she made photo bombing cool before it was cool!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

 In honor of Mother's Day coming up this's a throw back Thursday mom-edition:

My mom...and me.

My mom's mom, Reba.  And my beloved Nana...I miss her everyday.

Nana's mom...Gertie Self Henderson.  She's the lovely creature in the middle. That's Oscar Henderson on the left and Claude Henderson on the right.  She looks like a tough gal, huh?

And here's Gertie's mom...Grandmother Self.  The picture I have has a note that says "Grandmother Self, my mother's mother" so I don't know her first name.
She's my grandmother's, grandmother. 

Five generations of Mothers, including me!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Throwback to the 70's

Welcome to the 70's! 
That darn pixie hair cut, courtesy of my mom no less...goodness! I'm the one in the yellow with the blonde hair...duh.  My cousin and my sis, Barb with the short brown hair.  My beloved Nana in the back.  

Fast forward to late 70's...remember Dittos?! They were a brand of clothing that all of us sported in high school. Was I ever so skinny?  Was my hair ever so hideous? And that Hi-Stepper smile...oh throw back Thursday, you make me laugh!  LOL 
Anyway, that's me, a neighborhood friend and Barb.   
And what would #tbt be without a nice pair of bell bottom Dittos?