Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Well, I thought 2012 was gonna be a big year. Little did I know. We got word last December that Mike's company was closing the Jacksonville office. The good news was that they weren't going to lay off everyone, but only a handful would be transferred to their Maryland office. After waiting to hear, we found out that Mike was one of the few to be transferred. Then after A LOT of waiting, he got an offer letter and finally accepted the job. So it looks like we'll be moving sometime this summer to Maryland. The logistics of what needs to be arranged and coordinated before then seems like an impossible task. Somehow we'll get it done. Saying good bye to our new "family" and friends here will be so heart wrenching. Veronica will go to college in Florida, so there's that, too. I better stock up on kleenex now because I'll be crying for weeks if not months. Anyway, that's our big news.

So Joey had a birthday...
I can't believe he's 16! He's taller than Veronica and still growing...yeah!

On the knitting side...I finished a hat and a sweater. The sweater is blocking. It turned out great...long (butt warmer) and cozy. Might come in handy in Maryland. I'm going to start working on more hats/mittens/gloves/scarves/sweaters...ok, no need to go crazy, I know. It does open up a new pool of patterns and yarns though. And there are a TON of yarn shops in Maryland too. AND they have their own festival: Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Sweet! I'm working on the that "bright side."