Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy Wednesday

Tell your mom thanks for teaching us how to knit all those years ago, I've knit so many scarves to get me through the cold winter here.

This was a message to me via Veronica's FB page from one of my Camp Fire kids.  Back when they were in 5th grade, I taught them to knit. I'm so glad to hear this one remembers how and is putting her skills to good use! That comment just made my day!  Thanks Athena!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

No Power...No Problem!

 So next time the power goes out and we need to charge our cell phones, we'll have this handy gadget that Joey made from a video he saw on YouTube.  How cool is that?!  Mike helped him order all the parts from Radio Shack and he built this device.  It runs on a 9 v battery and has a handy switch on the outside too.  You plug your phone charger (USB end) into the box and viola! your phone starts charging.  Awesome!

And just for your entertainment, here is the monster sized pill (antibiotic) I'm taking to get rid of my sinus infection.  Horse pill indeed!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Bye till next year...

Well, I'm finally getting around to taking down the Christmas decorations.  Here they are all piled, oh um, I mean assembled neatly, on the table. The ornaments are back in their box as well as the garland and lights.  I'm going to delegate disassembling the tree and packing it away to the kids today after school...little do they know.  Mwaaahahaha!  (evil laugh)

The most difficult part of the holidays is taking down the Christmas decorations.  I put it off till I really can't put it off any more.  So bye-bye all you cute decorations and ornaments that hold so many wonderful memories.  See you next November!

We got a new computer over the weekend.  Yeah!  It has Windows 8.  Very cool...all those "tiles" for a desktop and all.  The transition has been somewhat painless. New technology is so nice.

Veronica starts her classes at UF today!  I can't wait for an update on how the day went for her.  I wonder if I'll ever get used to the fact that she's an adult on her own (mostly).  

I heard on the news that this weekend, the temperatures could go as high as 60 decrees!!  
Now, where did I put those shorts?!