Sunday, July 26, 2009


All Three kids built rockets and Mike built one for the two of us. Then we decided to venture out in an open field for some launches. The big black rocket is Joey's rocket. Bought and built by him. We had a great first launch...and the guys retrieved it. Not so good the second time...lost in the woods, in the trees....bummer. Joey getting his rocket ready for launch.

Or luck wasn't that great....the rocket Mike made came down in the woods and is lost. Then Veronica's rocket launched great, but got stuck in the wires. If you look in the wires, you can see it. Oh man!

The guys and Joey did a great job trying to get the rockets as them came down but those darn woods at two of them, then the wires took one...Justine's rocket is the only one to survive. That's because it's still under construction at home!
It was super fun, even with the losses of all the rockets. It's the first East Coast Pirie Rocket Lauch in history. First of many, I hope.
If any of you West Coast Piries want to join us for a launch, we'd love to have you!

New Stuff

Check out Brennee's new ride!! We turned in the van under the Cash for Clunkers and got a new 2009 Toyota Rav4. It's been a long time since we've had a brand new car! It has third row seating so we can separate the kids when needed. We all love it! Her name is Dory.
This is our new tree...Mike. There used to be a Red Maple in our front yard, but the old owner took it out...well a couple suckers popped up in our garden and we just let them go until they were big enough to replant and grow up into big trees. Veronica dug us a nice hole in the front yard, where the old tree used to be, and Mike (the husband, not the tree) planted, um...Mike. The other tree is still in the garden to be planted on another day. Her name is...can you guess? Yup...Brenda.

Post for Grandaddy!

Joey had a blast on his buddie's Skim Board. He wants to buy one with his "pocket money" from Grandaddy. I thought I should post a video to show my Dad what a Skim Board looks like...and how you use it.

Life's a Beach

Beautiful day at the beach last week. We were at Anastasia State Park. Can you spot Joey and his two buddies in the foreground?
Here they are again. There was a dip in the sand that created a kind of swimming pool. The tide was VERY low, you can see how far out the waves are. The water was 80 degrees and there was a cool breeze the entire time...even the humidity was low. It felt just like a San Diego day at the beach...minus the crowds.

Veronica and friend taking a break from the waves and hanging out in the pool.
It was so nice, I didn't want to leave!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back On Track

Recently, my training for the Sprint Triathlon was put on hold. I had an inner ear problem caused by dehydration. The doctor recommended I hydrate and take some time off. I took about a week and a half off, part of that time was when I was in San Diego. I ran for the first time on Saturday night and then biked this afternoon. Both times were a great success, no problems at all!! Yeah!

I'm slowly working toward a Sprint Tri in October. My original plan was a Tri in August, but now that I'm under doctor's orders to ease back into my training, I have to pass on that one. Jen has done some research and found a few 5K runs for us to do. I need to get my swim and run up to par and work on my bike speed. It'll all come together and I'll be ready in October.

Just wanted to pass the good news along that I'm back on track.

While I'm on the subject...Jen and I went to Jodi's Tri this weekend. It was so inspiring to watch her swim, bike and run. She is one tough girl. I was very proud of my friend...she rocked!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

You can go home!

My mom's knitting stash is the stuff dreams are made it is, in it's containers. Let's count them, shall we...3 huge-huge containers, 4 medium-huge containers and one big-ass trash can FULL of yarn. They are all full of yarn...I wonder, when was the last time she went stash diving? Hummmm...
Oh, and this doesn't include any of her sock yarn, because sock yarn doesn't count toward your "stash" (my mom and I agree on this point...we may be on the only ones who do, but there it is).
Here are my San Diego knit-sibs...CKF (Close Knit Friends)! From left to right...Cammie, um, me, Keiko and...hey! WHO IS THAT??!!

Here's the whole family at the 50th Anniversary party for my parents. Here we go from left to right, again...little bro, Kurt, Dad, Mom (Nanajan to you knitters), yeah, me again (maybe you didn't recognize me in a dress?), the Barb and big bro, Mike.
The party was a blast! Great food, free flowing drinks and lots of hearty laughs. Everyone had a great time!
I miss everyone already!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Socks of Green

I finished my Green Leaves socks a while ago and only just now got a photo to show them off! The yarn is Dream In Color Smooshy, colorway Happy Forest. I love the deep green color and the yarn is WONDERFUL to work with...go get yourself some!

The light green sock is a test knit for Picnicknits. They're called Minerva's Tower Socks. The pattern only looks's not hard at all and the "wow" factor is off the charts! I feel so privileged to have been able to help Corrina out by testing it for her. I can't wait to finish the other sock!! If you haven't seen her lovely patterns, go to the link above and check them out! She even has a group on Ravelry, too.
Now, back to my knitting...


Jen and I ran in the Celebration 5K Run yesterday! My time was 40 min. 27 sec., room for improvement that's for sure. I didn't run the whole thing...but I think I ran more than I walked. It was extremely humid and kinda overcast, so it wasn't as hot as it could have been. The picture is of the t-shirt we got. I feel like if I'm about to die in the tri after swimming and biking, I can run/walk the 3.1 miles to the finish line and still get the job done.
Last night we exploded most of the fire works...the pearls were fantastic, wish we'd got more of those. They shot green and red balls into the air about 50 feet...very cool! That got the ooohs and ahhhs going!

Friday, July 3, 2009


Here's our 4th of July fireworks. We have sparklers, bottle rockets, fire crackers
and smoke balls. Oh and...Color Pearls - 48 shots of different colored flaming balls. Oh my!

Joey testing one of the bottle rockets. It worked, just fine.
I know right about now, the grandparents are fixin' to call and give us the "you better be careful not to blow off your hands" lecture. I promise we'll be very careful...come on, Mike is like Mr. Cautious. That would make me Mrs. Cautious.

Happy 4th of July everyone!
God Bless America!