Sunday, July 26, 2009


All Three kids built rockets and Mike built one for the two of us. Then we decided to venture out in an open field for some launches. The big black rocket is Joey's rocket. Bought and built by him. We had a great first launch...and the guys retrieved it. Not so good the second time...lost in the woods, in the trees....bummer. Joey getting his rocket ready for launch.

Or luck wasn't that great....the rocket Mike made came down in the woods and is lost. Then Veronica's rocket launched great, but got stuck in the wires. If you look in the wires, you can see it. Oh man!

The guys and Joey did a great job trying to get the rockets as them came down but those darn woods at two of them, then the wires took one...Justine's rocket is the only one to survive. That's because it's still under construction at home!
It was super fun, even with the losses of all the rockets. It's the first East Coast Pirie Rocket Lauch in history. First of many, I hope.
If any of you West Coast Piries want to join us for a launch, we'd love to have you!

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