Thursday, July 16, 2009

You can go home!

My mom's knitting stash is the stuff dreams are made it is, in it's containers. Let's count them, shall we...3 huge-huge containers, 4 medium-huge containers and one big-ass trash can FULL of yarn. They are all full of yarn...I wonder, when was the last time she went stash diving? Hummmm...
Oh, and this doesn't include any of her sock yarn, because sock yarn doesn't count toward your "stash" (my mom and I agree on this point...we may be on the only ones who do, but there it is).
Here are my San Diego knit-sibs...CKF (Close Knit Friends)! From left to right...Cammie, um, me, Keiko and...hey! WHO IS THAT??!!

Here's the whole family at the 50th Anniversary party for my parents. Here we go from left to right, again...little bro, Kurt, Dad, Mom (Nanajan to you knitters), yeah, me again (maybe you didn't recognize me in a dress?), the Barb and big bro, Mike.
The party was a blast! Great food, free flowing drinks and lots of hearty laughs. Everyone had a great time!
I miss everyone already!

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