Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back On Track

Recently, my training for the Sprint Triathlon was put on hold. I had an inner ear problem caused by dehydration. The doctor recommended I hydrate and take some time off. I took about a week and a half off, part of that time was when I was in San Diego. I ran for the first time on Saturday night and then biked this afternoon. Both times were a great success, no problems at all!! Yeah!

I'm slowly working toward a Sprint Tri in October. My original plan was a Tri in August, but now that I'm under doctor's orders to ease back into my training, I have to pass on that one. Jen has done some research and found a few 5K runs for us to do. I need to get my swim and run up to par and work on my bike speed. It'll all come together and I'll be ready in October.

Just wanted to pass the good news along that I'm back on track.

While I'm on the subject...Jen and I went to Jodi's Tri this weekend. It was so inspiring to watch her swim, bike and run. She is one tough girl. I was very proud of my friend...she rocked!!!

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  1. Very wise to heed your doctor's advice and ease up a bit!