Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Eastern Shore

We decided to adventure across the Bay Bridge and into...or would that be onto?  the Eastern Shore!
The Bay Bridge is huge...looks like several bridges sewn together to me.  Anyway, if you go be sure to bring your $4 for the toll!
The weather was sunny and bright...but COLD!

We stopped in Easton first.  The drive didn't take very long and it was so pretty.  There are so many farms and open land...very nice.  

The yarn shop in Easton was closed (after all it was a holiday...and a monday).

 I'd like to return to see the inside...but I won't rush to get here at!
 We then drove to St. Michaels to check it out.  It's only another 5 miles or so from Easton.  It was make a lovely bike ride in warmer weather. 
Lo and behold: an ice cream shop called Justine's! 
 I promised Justine we'd return when the weather improves.
 And....the yarn shop in St. Michaels was open!  The shop was very nice...warm and friendly.  There were tons of knitted items on display which was so nice.  I saw several shawls (patterns I know from Ravelry) that had beads.  Oh boy!

 I bought a skein of sock yarn from a company in PA called Crabapple.
 After lunch at Margaritaville, we drove home.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Let it snow!

Guess what was happening this morning?  Yup...snow!  The kids walked to the bus...Joey while it was snowing!  Luckily it stopped when it was time for Justine to leave for school (and Gracie to go out to do her thing).  Here are some pics I took on our walk...enjoy!

 She swears she's ok with just that light jacket and a scarf.  Jeez!
 Our "Aunt Bea" statue.  Looks like she's sporting a snowy bouffant and stole, huh?
 Our back deck and the woods behind our house.
 Wooded trail to the river.
 I just love snow on all those skinny branches!

 Ducks on the river manoeuvring around the icy parts.
 Toes still toasty inside my hand knit socks!

This plant stand is on our covered front porch and it still got a sprinkle of the white stuff.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!