Sunday, October 30, 2011

Boo x Three = Happy Halloween!



(Lyra couldn't resist a sniff.)

and three!

We're ready for Halloween!!

Personal Best!

Mike and I ran in the Pumpkin Run this morning. In the cold...48 degrees! burr!!!

The course was through Evergreen Cemetery, in the heart of the city...beautiful, huge oak trees, no traffic and plenty of shade. It was fast and flat! They lined people up by their pace, so it worked out better than most races where everyone just starts together. The picture above is what the t-shirts look like...cute, huh?

Mike's time - 28:18

My time - 34:17

A new personal best for me!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Senior Night

We caught Joey warming up with the battery! Doesn't he look great in his uniform!?

Last night was Senior Night at the High School (before the football game...last home game of the season). It's for football, cheer, dance team, guard and band Seniors and their parents. There was a nice reception before the game, then we all lined up and walked over to the field. We then met up with Veronica and walked down the field with her, arm in arm, had our picture taken... cheered on by the crowd. There were about 75 families...I'm really amazed we got through it before kick-off. Veronica presented us with a rose (me) and a pin (Mike).
Justine was with us, too! Here we are taking photos before our march down the field. Pictures taken with my phone...not bad, eh?

Mike and I were wearing our Band t-shirts!

The other night we ordered graduation announcements. And now Senior Night. I'm starting to get used to to the idea that my baby is going to graduate and head off to college. It's sinking in for her too. Last night she said, "Tonight was my last march around the field." She's not sad, she's really looking forward to her future. We are too.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Getting ready...

We went to a local pumpkin patch today and bought one for each kid (as usual). Justine wanted that little one. Isn't it weird? Looks like it's got frosting on it, huh? The one in front is Justine's, Joey's is in the middle and that small one is Veronica's.
We're having a spider issue this October. And those webs!

Holy cow! That must be the mama!

Hope you're Halloween plans are spinning into place!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Coastal Knits

I got my Coastal Knits knitting book today!! Yippee!! So many beautiful patterns! The book is full of photos of the central coast of California and coastal Maine. Very cool!! You can check out the patterns on Ravelry. Here's one of my favorites:

Gnarled Oak CardiganAnd just look at the cute hairdo on the model!

We had a nice picnic in Spring Park on Sunday. The weather was PERFECT! Glad we got a chance to enjoy it...rain is expected tonight, through tomorrow...2-4 inches! Then it's supposed to really cool off. Might be time to get out the wooly socks.

I finished Xenia. Another wonderful pattern by Vanessa Smith. The yarn is a sport weight by Ewephoric Fibers. I picked it up at the Florida Fiber In. LOVE the yarn...great twist on it, showed off the border pattern beautifully.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fortunate Cookies

Veronica and her friend made cookies for our newly moved in next door neighbors. Unfortunately, they moved some stuff in, then left for the day, before the cookies were ready...fortunate for us though, we got to eat them!

Football Friday

We went to the football game last Friday night. Here's the band marching in...can you find Veronica? (Look for the hair.)
See Joey? Ok, kinda hard to miss him. Um...he's not the little guy in back, but the big guy, front and center. (second smallest bass drum)

Here's what they look like in the stands...right next to us. My two were in the next group over, so don't bother looking for them in this pic.

After the win...singing their school song! The team they played had the same fight song as the high school Mike and I attended. It was so fun to hear it again!

Our local Chick-fil-A came for a visit during half-time and shot t-shirts into the crowd...Mike caught one!