Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday's Musing...

Good morning! It's a beautiful, cold, crisp Fall day! Sorry, fair warning, I'm a morning person. I have about 10 minutes till I take Justine to school and about that much time before one of my house guests, my FIL Al, gets up for some coffee.  OH, and he delivers tea to my MIL in bed.  Boy, did she train him well.  

I just saw on Facebook a video (actually couldn't watch the video because it was blocked for some reason, but I really didn't need to watch) about a guy on a train and he gets people on the train to dance with him.  Maybe you've seen similar videos? I saw another one of a guy walking the streets of New York and he gets people to dance with him for a few seconds, then moves on to the next person.  Not everyone dances, but the ones who do are not always someone you'd expect to, and it's always heartwarming and puts a smile on your face to see such joy and spontaneity. Makes me wish I met these people cuz you KNOW I'd be up and dancing, no hesitation!

So here's my thing. When I walk, I walk for around 45 minutes-1 hour at a time.  It's really boring to do it without music to keep your mind occupied. I usually have something upbeat and fun, there might be a slow-ish song now and then...but I keep walking fast!  Yeah, so here's the my mind, while I'm walking fast and listening...I'm DANCING.  I'm busting the best moves while on the outside, I'm just walking.  And if So You Think You Can Dance is on the TV, then I'm the best professional dance you're ever seen...I can tap, jazz, ballet and modern dance with the best of them.
Maybe someday I'll do it...really dance.  Till then, I'm walkin' on the outside and dancing on the inside.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Fun...Thursday in DC

We spent Thursday in DC with MaryLou and Al.  We parked by the Jefferson Memorial and talked to the Lincoln Memorial.  More pictures to come in future posts. Enjoy!!  
 My newly cast on sock and the Jefferson Memorial.
 Mr and Mr. Jefferson.  And some lady getting her picture taken.
The Washington Monument.  And us.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Three generations of our men taken some 15 years ago.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ten for Tuesday

Things that sucked yesterday.
1.  It rained all day.  Usually I love the rain...but not when I have a bunch of running around to do in it.
2.  I only got two of four errands done.
3.  The Post Office was closed.  It was a holiday yesterday. Yeah, Columbus Day. No mailing of hand knit socks to Oma and no mailing of birthday present to Becky.  Grrrr.
4.  I tried to go to Comcast to return a modem and exchange a remote. I went to what I thought was the customer service office, 30 minutes from home, it wasn't the right place.  So when I plugged in the correct address in the GPS, it was another 40 minutes away. I said screw it. I had a feeling if I drove out there they would be closed for the holiday anyway, with my luck.
5.  When I woke up, I crossed the room to turn on the light, turned around and jammed my foot into my cedar chest.  My middle toe on my right foot is a lovely shade of purple and red.  OUCH!!
6.  While driving to the wrong Comcast location, a spider dropped down on a web string about 3 inches from my FACE!!!  (All regular readers knew there had to be a spider involved on a sucky day.) There was nowhere to pull over, so I scrambled to find something to smoosh it with...and when it crawled up the web to the windshield, I killed it. Obviously this wasn't a very big spider or I would have crashed the car.
7.  The groomer called to say Gracie would be ready at 2pm.  Justine and I showed up to get her at 2pm and she wasn't done till 230pm.  I hate waiting, especially without my knitting.
8.  I went to the grocery store and bought a bunch of food for meals for the week Mike's folks will be here.  Totally forgot to plan for dinner tonight though, so we're getting sandwiches from Wawa.
9.  Said grocery store was PACKED with people...because it was a holiday!  I purposely go to the grocery store for big shopping trips on a Monday or Tuesday because it's less crowded.  Let me just say that people of Maryland drive their cars poorly...their grocery carts even worse!
10.  So today I have a doctor's appointment, Target and Comcast to get to when I thought I'd have a relaxing day ahead of me, waiting for my wonderful in-laws to arrive.  Nope.

And on a happy note...I started a new knitting project yesterday with the loveliest of yarns!  Malabrigo Rios in the English Rose colorway.  I treated myself to a new hat pattern. So, a pink hat.  Nothing cheers me up more.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday's Musings

Ah, Mondays.  I love 'em and I hate 'em.  I love Mondays because that's when I'm usually my most organized.  I have a rough plan for the week and I'm fired up to get on it! I usually have some running around to do, today is no different.  I'm taking Gracie to the groomer, need to return a cable box and exchange a remote at Comcast, go to the Post Office and grocery store. And I HAVE to watch Talking Dead and CSI recorded last night.

This morning I ran across an article in the Sunday paper entitled: There are time capsules full of history all over DC.  Really?  Ok, interesting.  Apparently there was a recent discovery of a time capsule discovered in Boston. The Old State House had a lion statue and inside the head was a copper box.  Cool. This prompted the author to discuss time capsules in DC. There's one under Freedom Plaza in memory of Martin Luther King Jr. that will be opened in 2088.  Another beneath the Holocaust museum, no word on when or if it will be opened. One commissioned by the Clintons isn't actually buried. It's in the National Archives building but it has some cool stuff in it like a picture of Rosa Parks, a cellphone and Ray Charles's sunglasses. My favorite was about one under the cornerstone of the Treasure Building.  There lies a satin-lined case in which President Andrew Jackson placed an item that motivated him to say, "I am placing a part of my heart in this building." It was a lock of his granddaughter's hair.

Our first house we bought in La Mesa has a time capsule we placed there while remodeling a bathroom.  It's a jar that includes a picture of our family and a list of what things cost (bread, gas, etc.). Probably a few other things, I can't remember. I think it was around 1995 or 6.  Who knows when it will be discovered, if ever.  I like thinking about it being there. Waiting.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Slipper Cuteness

Just in case you missed this:

This was a comment left by my dear friend, Becky, on my last post.  She sent me the picture, so I had to share in another post.

My grandmother made slippers like these (pompom included), when I was a kid. My cousins and I would always look forward to a new pair at Christmas. She also made me my first pair of slippers when I was born! I treasure those little treasures! 

Aw...cuteness overload, right?