Thursday, June 2, 2016

Life at Home

My life.

Today, for the first time this school year, my daughter, Justine took the bus to school.  There are 10 days to go and then school is out. (And she's officially a Senior but that's incidental to the story.)

Why is she just now taking the bus to school (and none too happy about it, I might add)?

Her boyfriend has graduated and isn't picking her up for school in the morning. Graduation was last Friday.  The poor boy wants to sleep in for goodness sake!

Oh, then why, now that she has her drivers license, doesn't she drive the family car?  Because...and I know this is hard to believe...I have a life and need the car during the day.  Mean mom, oh yeah, that's me.

But don't fret for the little dear, her boyfriend is picking her up from school.


And the AC is still out.  Technician is scheduled for Monday.  Fingers crossed!
Temperatures are supposed to cool a bit too.  Humidity not so much. I'll be in the basement dyeing yarn if you need me.


So did I mention...

Justine has also started working!  She got a job at a local marina, The Ferry Point Marina, doing maintenance work (pulling weeds, cleaning bathrooms, directing traffic and other misc boat marina stuff).  She seems to really like it and they like her.  She is a hard worker so, of course, they like her!  It's part time and I'm sure after school gets out, she'll pick up more hours.

All my kids have jobs!!!!!

So last weekend when Mike and I went to lunch it took on a special meaning.  Both Joey and Justine were working!!  And we were out playing!!!!!!!  I don't felt like we were getting away with something.  LOL  (I guess we should get used to it, right?)

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