Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dr. Saroyan

I finished my Saroyan in 3 days. It was SO fun to knit and the yarn...what can I say except that Malabrigo is "top drawer". If you don't know what "top drawer" means, go watch "Auntie Mame".

What's that in my shoe?!

Thought I'd post an update on life with Lucas. I guess he worked his way through his biting phase because he hasn't taken a nibble in quite some time. Justine can pick him up anytime and play with him, just like with Humphrey.

Every night just before bed, she brings him around to everyone in the family to say Good Night. Well, everyone except Gracie, who just stares at Lucas and licks her lips. If you're wondering about Jake...I'm not sure he knows about Lucas yet. We're gonna keep it that way, too!

Something for Grandma

I'm a little late in posting this...sorry, Grandma.
Justine drew this and asked me to send it to Mike's mom since she's a big Anne of Green Gables fan. Hope you enjoy it, ML.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Look at this cute picture of Joey! I think he's about a year old. That cute rocking cow...a gift from Becky. All three kids just loved playing with that so much. Ok, what I really want you to look at is the white bowl with the green afghan sitting in it, I had just started knitting the afghan.
Now I ask you to look at the finished afghan! I got it done yesterday! Oh, and there's Joey again...who just turned 14. Ok, I'll do the math for you...13 years to finish that afghan.
Hey, at least I finished!
It's soft and warm, the whole family loves it. Yeah!

Go-carts, Velocity and Yarn (of course)...

Veronica's first Velocity Drumline competition was last weekend...Island Sights and Sounds at her high school. They took first place...and it wasn't even their entire show! Awesome!! (They have uniforms that weren't in in time for the show.)

Joey had a great b-day. We went bowling and had his favorite homemade cake: Chocolate Marble Pound Cake. We got him a go-cart that he and Mike are going to refurbish and hopefully race up and down the street some day soon.
Still can't believe he's 14...yikes!

Happy Valentine's Day! Mike got be two BEAUTIFUL hanks of Malabrigo worsted and I'm already knitting away on Saroyan. A scarfy-shawl named for Dr. Saroyan from the show Bones. This yarn is truly the cream of the crop....I'm just in heaven!

Friday, February 12, 2010

You can't afford it...

I've been wearing many of my knitted items due to the cold weather recently and someone always says, "Oh wow...you could make these and sell them!" Now, I know what they really are trying to say is that what I knit is so nice it looks "store bought" (I assume in a nice store...NOT Walmart!). I always have the same response, "No one could afford to buy it." Then I try to explain why...yarn cost (everyone is shocked to hear good sock yarn is $20+), my time knitting, etc. And truthfully, the biggest factor keeping me from knitting for money is the simple fact that it would take all the fun out of it. "Deadlines" and knitting just don't go well together.

So this morning I ran across the most interesting thread on Ravelry along these same lines. The link I'm giving you is her original post on Coriandr which is the UK version of Etsy. She estimated the cost for a pair of stockinette socks to be $325.83. I knit a bit faster than her, so mine would be cheaper...maybe $275.00? Love it!

This is why I don't sell any knitted items, especially socks. BUT I do give away many pairs to people I love. You know who you are!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Watch out sailor...

Here's what the sky looked like this morning at about 6:50 am. When I was a kid, my mom told me that whenever you see a red sky in the morning it meant it would rain that day. I thought she was so smart! She could predict the weather by just looking at the sky. Now I know better ("Red sky in the mornin', sailor take warnin'" has been around for centuries)...but I still think she's smart anyway.