Sunday, February 14, 2010

Go-carts, Velocity and Yarn (of course)...

Veronica's first Velocity Drumline competition was last weekend...Island Sights and Sounds at her high school. They took first place...and it wasn't even their entire show! Awesome!! (They have uniforms that weren't in in time for the show.)

Joey had a great b-day. We went bowling and had his favorite homemade cake: Chocolate Marble Pound Cake. We got him a go-cart that he and Mike are going to refurbish and hopefully race up and down the street some day soon.
Still can't believe he's 14...yikes!

Happy Valentine's Day! Mike got be two BEAUTIFUL hanks of Malabrigo worsted and I'm already knitting away on Saroyan. A scarfy-shawl named for Dr. Saroyan from the show Bones. This yarn is truly the cream of the crop....I'm just in heaven!

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