Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today it arrives. The purchase was made online, shipping has been monitored on a daily (if not hourly) basis, and it was confirmed yesterday...today it will arrive.

After the birth of our second kid, the house have never been what one would call quiet. Then kid #3 came along...you really have to talk in a loud voice to be heard sometimes around this place. Kid #2, Joey...he plays the electric piano and trumpet. He can make some noise...but it's about to get a whole lot louder...

Today his electric guitar will arrive!

You people in San Diego listen up...you may be able to hear the screamin' guitar from here!

I told him he'll need to learn all the "old school" rock and roll songs. He already knows how to play "Smoke on the Water." Maybe he'll start a band...in the garage. Sweet.

(If it doesn't arrive today, Joey's gonna go nuts. The rest of us will follow suit.)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mom's Music

When I was a kid, my mom had the coolest music. I guess I was too young to have my own music taste and well, I thought her music was cool. Back then, if you didn't have money to buy your own records (If you had your own records, you had to negotiate play time on the record player, because having TWO in the house would just be insane.), you were subject to your parents music. Ok, you could hold your tape recorder up to the radio and tape your favorite song that way but, let's face it...it sounded like crap. Lucky for me, I was subject to my mom's taste in music and not my dad's. My dad liked The Four Freshmen and Johnny Mathis (which he always pronounced Matthews...we still get a laugh about that to this day).

Here's a sampling of my mom's music:

Blood Sweat and Tears (Spinnin' Wheel...my fav)
Beatles (Apple albums, of course)
Simon and Garfunkel (Bridge Over Troubled Water)
5th Dimension
Joni Mitchell

My mom, who listens to alot of jazz these days, is still pretty cool. My dad, well I think he's still listening to Johnny Matthews...but I love him anyway (actually, I really like Johnny, too...but don't tell him).

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Here we go again...

Monday night was the start of TRI training for Jen and I. We actually got on our bikes! First time in about four months. We did pretty good, too. I'm just glad I didn't kiss the pavement from not being able to unclamp a foot (I know this will happen, just a matter of time.). I plan to run today with my neighbor and then on Saturday morning, swim at the Good Shepherd pool with Jen and Kelly. I really need to get a calendar out and plan out when I'm doing what so I know I'll get in enough workouts. If you think I'm nuts, you're right.

Our plan this year is to do two triathlons:

July 17th - The Moss Park Triathlon (We're doing the Sprint distance.)
October 31st - The Cooter Tri (This is the one we did last year.)

Whew...ok, now it's in writing...it's out there and you all know about it.

No backing out now....

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A bit brighter...

You know how when you're feeling like crap because you've caught a cold and even though it's a beautiful day, you still feel kinda gray...then along comes someone who makes you're day brighter? Well, theBecky did that for me today! Check out the bee-utiful project bag she sewed for me...

It lays on it's side with a zipper opening so I can access my latest project easily. It even has some plastic canvas in the base to give it support.

Then when I'm ready to go; I can zip it up, hang it on my arm and I'm on my way!

I saw a bag similar to this online and when I asked Beck about the pattern, etc. She offered to make it for me. BFF to be sure!

Thanks again Becky!