Saturday, March 13, 2010

A bit brighter...

You know how when you're feeling like crap because you've caught a cold and even though it's a beautiful day, you still feel kinda gray...then along comes someone who makes you're day brighter? Well, theBecky did that for me today! Check out the bee-utiful project bag she sewed for me...

It lays on it's side with a zipper opening so I can access my latest project easily. It even has some plastic canvas in the base to give it support.

Then when I'm ready to go; I can zip it up, hang it on my arm and I'm on my way!

I saw a bag similar to this online and when I asked Beck about the pattern, etc. She offered to make it for me. BFF to be sure!

Thanks again Becky!


  1. How cool! It's awesome that Becky reciprocates the crafty generosity!

  2. Cute bags - one can NEVER have too many!! I take a couple months off of blogging and now I'll NEVER catch up with yours! You've been BUSY!!

    Hey - did you ever get my question about the art classes at Foothills?