Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today it arrives. The purchase was made online, shipping has been monitored on a daily (if not hourly) basis, and it was confirmed yesterday...today it will arrive.

After the birth of our second kid, the house have never been what one would call quiet. Then kid #3 came along...you really have to talk in a loud voice to be heard sometimes around this place. Kid #2, Joey...he plays the electric piano and trumpet. He can make some noise...but it's about to get a whole lot louder...

Today his electric guitar will arrive!

You people in San Diego listen up...you may be able to hear the screamin' guitar from here!

I told him he'll need to learn all the "old school" rock and roll songs. He already knows how to play "Smoke on the Water." Maybe he'll start a band...in the garage. Sweet.

(If it doesn't arrive today, Joey's gonna go nuts. The rest of us will follow suit.)

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  1. My boy just got an electric guitar as well. We'll throw in the garage and they can jam!