Friday, June 29, 2012

MD Here We Come!

Posting from my iPod in the hotel on moving day! Packing and loading went very well. Yesterday we worked on the house. Weird with the house so empty, all our stuff gone, even all cars. Tearful good-byes all week. Trying to focus on pretty drive ahead of us and the adventure that awaits. Full post with pics to come once we're back online. For today...we hit the road, van loaded to the gills! Roll Beverly Hillbillys song!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Yard Sale Washout

 We had high hopes on getting rid of a bunch of stuff a today's yard sale.  I really hate to see that table and chairs go but not enough room in the new house unfortunately.  The day started off cloudy and rain wasn't expected till Noon or so.

 Mike's ready to roll!
Then it started to rain, then it started to POUR!!  Crap!  We all got soaked trying to drag everything into the garage.  Believe it or not, people still drove by the house in the pouring rain, expecting us to be there...go figure.  Maybe it would help if we took our sign down.  Ya think.

Not a happy camper.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Yummy Birthday Yarn

Here's a shot of my birthday yarn:
Two skeins of Malabrigo Rasta on each end.  The yarn is super bulky and SUPER soft.  I'm thinking a cowl and/or hat for the cold winter I have coming to me.  I've never knit with a super bulky before...Ooooo, new yarn experience! The second from the left is one of my favorite yarns, Madelinetosh Sock.  The colorway is Cherry.  Maybe socks or a shawl.  The monkey-in-the-middle is Baah! La Jolla sock yarn.  The colorway is Grape Vine; plum/olive mix. Again, socks or shawl, probably socks. The blue yarn is Pagewood Farms Willow Creek.  It's a lace weight and has 1350 yds in the skein. I'm going to make a lace sweater.  Here's a picture of the pattern:
 Back (Two different sweaters, obviously.)
It's called Rocio by Joji Locatelli. Won't that be cute in the blue?! 

Thanks Dad, Mom, Marylou and Al for the shopping trip to my LYS!

Don't expect me to cast on anytime soon.  I'm swamped with "getting ready to move" stuff.  Tomorrow we're having a yard sale and will hopefully get rid of a bunch of stuff. 

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

50 and Counting

Today I am 50 years old.  Half a century...piece of cake!  Bring on the next half, baby!
Haven't lost my sense of humor either.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Yeah Justine!

Justine received an award (and medal) for making the A-B Honor Roll all year!  Here she is shaking the hand of her Principle and receiving her award.  It was a great assembly, all the kids proud (and a bit embarrassed) to get their awards.  The best part?  We had both sets of grand parents and my sister (the kids' favorite Aunt) there to see it all! 

Today is the last day of school for Joey and Justine. 
I think they're a little sad to see their time here coming to an end.  

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Class of 2012

 Our beautiful graduate!

Graduation was so wonderful last night.  We're so thankful that so much of our family took the time (and expense) to travel all the way to Florida to see Veronica graduate!  Everyone came over to the house for pizza then we headed over to the high school.  We were keeping our fingers crossed because it was very cloudy and sprinkling.  The rain didn't get any worse and the clouds kept the heat from getting too bad.  So nice to have the graduation at 8pm, especially this time of year when the weather can be super hot.  The ceremony went quickly and before we knew it, it was over and we were giving our graduate a big hug and taking pictures in the quad. 
We're so proud of her!

Even the sky was celebrating!