Monday, May 23, 2016

Family Visit

The in-laws came to see us!  It was a great visit, weather not so much, but we had fun in spite of it!  When the weather was really bad, we stayed home and when it was nicer, we ventured out!  

We took the Oxford-Bellevue Ferry to St. Michaels for a lovely lunch.
20 life jackets were plenty...only us four and two others on the ferry.  I guess not everybody goes adventuring mid-week on a cloudy day.

This plaque was in a gazebo in a park.

We drove to Frederick and visited the Civil War Medical Museum. Here's Mike "measuring up" to soldiers from the Civil War.  The display showed the shortest soldier (3'4") to the tallest (7' something"...I don't remember).  This museum is really neat.  So much more than just medical info, too.  But the medical info is really interesting.  For instance, did you know that 2/3 of the deaths in the war were due to sickness and disease not battle wounds?  If you find yourself in Frederick, you must visit!

And of course, what trip to visit the Pirie's wouldn't include a trip to Annapolis?!
We had to show the folks the new State House exhibits.  Here they are posing with George Washington (and yes, that's his correct height).

 Pinky, my little pink elephant mini-mochiland (hand knit tiny elephant for you non-knitters), sure does get around.  She's checking out George.

 And the kids listening to Alex Haley read them a story about their Roots on the City Dock.
 The clouds parted today and the sun shined!  
We had a great lunch at the Federal House, too.
 Soaking up some rays at City Dock.

 Pinky got in on the action, too.

It was so nice to see our family.  We miss them so much! 

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