Thursday, May 8, 2014

 In honor of Mother's Day coming up this's a throw back Thursday mom-edition:

My mom...and me.

My mom's mom, Reba.  And my beloved Nana...I miss her everyday.

Nana's mom...Gertie Self Henderson.  She's the lovely creature in the middle. That's Oscar Henderson on the left and Claude Henderson on the right.  She looks like a tough gal, huh?

And here's Gertie's mom...Grandmother Self.  The picture I have has a note that says "Grandmother Self, my mother's mother" so I don't know her first name.
She's my grandmother's, grandmother. 

Five generations of Mothers, including me!

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  1. Love the old photos - how great to have them all going that far back! I have photos of my great-grandparents but not of the next generation back (or at least not so that we can identify - no-one wrote on the back of many of our old family photos!).

    You could probably find out your great-great-grandmother's name quite easily .. if you know roughly when and where Gertie was born it's just a matter of searching for her birth entry and ordering a birth certificate which will have both parents names on or you might be able to find her with her family on a census.

    If you'd like me to take a look, let me know - the where is important, as not all states allow sites like Ancestry or Find My Past access to their records. I have a subscription to Find My Past and have just put the name Gertrude Self in and come up with 500+ results - it's possible she's in there somewhere!!