Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shawlette Times Two

 Justine is showing off my latest shawlette FO, Wingspan. It's all garter stitch in short rows (turns w & t).  Sorry if you don't speak "knit" and don't understand what I just wrote.  The self-striping yarn (Jawoll Magic Degrade) is the only way to go so you can show off the "wedges".  It was actually kind of boring to knit but good for TV watching.  

This shawlette is Holden.  It was super fun to do!  One of those that starts in the center top and just about when you think you're going to go insane from all the boring get to start the lace part!  I did an extra lace repeat because sometimes I don't read directions too well.  Thank God I had enough yarn.  It's knit with Mmmmmmalabrigo Sock.  Thanks Mrs. Shurman for the inspiration!
 So here I am, ready to block this shawl (it was actually already soaking) when I can't find my blocking pins!!  I was going crazy, looking everywhere...can't find them!!  So luckily, I'm a sewer, too.  I found my pin cushion and used those pins. I wasn't able to block out every one of the picot points so it has a little bit of a ruffle edge to it.  I like it that way.  Still haven't found my pins yet.  I'm going to buy more then I'll be sure to find them.  

How cute is my model?  Can you believe that hair?!


  1. Gorgeous! The yarn works perfectly for both projects! I can definitely believe that hair - my son has wild curls too and doesn't like to use product. I happen to love the curls myself!

  2. Both are lovely, but I'm secretly coveting the Holden. I'm not going to click on the link or I'll have queued another project and I'm already way behind on some of the projects and presents I've already committed to!