Saturday, August 4, 2012

Weird Maryland

 I mentioned in my last post that the yarn I bought today was hand-dyed by Snallygaster Fibers here in Maryland.  I also got a belated birthday present from my friend, Becky, in the mail today.  She got me the book "Weird Maryland", I also have Weird Florida courtesy of Ms. Becky, too.  These books are so much fun to read through...and even more fun to go find the weirdness for ourselves!  She also got me the latest Dean Koontz book and a bunch of other cool stuff, the best of which are her home-made BROWNIES! 

Anyway, we're reading through the book tonight at dinner and I tell Mike he has to read the article about Bigfoot.  Now, you might not know this but, he claims to have seen Bigfoot as a kid in Northern California, so Bigfoot has a special place in Mike's heart.  Anyway, he's reading the article and it mentions that Bigfoot is also called a Snallygaster!  I almost fell off my chair racing to get the business card from the yarn I just bought!  How funny is that?!  I've never heard the term Snallygaster and now I've seen it twice in one day!  Anyway, the Snallygaster was supposedly a beast that is winged, tentacled and clawed...will take off with your children, etc.  Now a days if you see one it's probably a kind of Bigfoot.  Weird.  Maryland.

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  1. Okay, am I the only one who sees a man's face instead of a one-eyed dragon when I first look at the Snallygaster's logo? It's like one of those trick pictures!