Thursday, December 4, 2008

Camp Bondsteel

For our Troops
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Becky and I made this ornament and a bunch more to give to our adopted US Soldiers at Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo.

Here's the story: After my Camp Fire club held a bake sale to raise funds for local military families, I was contacted by Armed Forces Support to see if I would be interested in having our club send goodies to a group of our guys in Kosovo. She said the Sargent had contacted her in hopes of some support. At the time, US troops in Afghanistan were getting all the attention and these guys were feeling a bit forgotten. I told Becky that I wanted to help, but I knew that my club would only be able to send one box, maybe two. I thought she might be interested in sending a box. She suggested we both work together and send the troops a box of goodies, BUT she said, "If we're gonna do this, we need to make a commitment to send them a box a month. Don't you think?" Who was I to say no?

So that's what we did...for 5 years. One box a month to Camp Bondsteel filled with home made cookies, candy, magazines, movies, letters, and of course love. The number of soldiers slowly reduced over the years, but the appreciation never changed...they were so grateful to be remembered every month by us two gals in California. They sent us stuff, too! I have three American flags in my home that were flown over Camp Bondsteel...very cool. We also received many plaques to recognize the support we gave them. They didn't have to do that, but I'm glad they did. I look at the plaques and read the names and remember my friendships with people I'll never meet but love and appreciate anyway. Actually, we did end up meeting a couple of our friends...but that's another story.

It was the most satisfying "work" I've ever done.

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