Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All that Glitters...

Joey made this ornament in 2002. Our elementary school in San Diego (Fletcher Hills Elementary) did many wonderful events for the student body and their families. One was called "Family Craft Night". Always in early December, it was an evening event where families came and made, maybe that was obvious. The different grades hosted different crafts and you went from classroom to classroom watching your kids create wonderful things. Fifth grade would always have a snack booth to raise money for their end of the year activities (the school was K-5). I always loved to watch those parents who couldn't stand to let their kids do it themselves. They'd hover over a shoulder and end up making the ornament while the kids got up and ran around with their friends. For me, it was a social event. I'd get to chat with teachers and other parents while my kids worked on their crafts, ran around the hallways (don't get to do that during school, you know) or enjoyed a cookie and hot cocoa with a friend.

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