Monday, December 29, 2008


I thought I'd actually post a knitting update. On the sock front, I'm working on two pairs of socks, one is plain 2x2 rib on dark, splitty yarn (yuck) and the other is this wonderful fun pattern called Spring Forward in a wonderful yarn you all know well, Jitterbug. I'm so happy when I knit these socks...the colors change quickly and are bright and beautiful. They look like they might be on the big side so I may not keep's gonna be tough to part with those colors!!
Being a new cat owner, I didn't realize that they would attack during knit photo shoots. He had a blast killing my yarn. He's got the camera strap in his mouth, by the way. Oh...the new nick name for the cat is Tyreega (play on Tiger), but his official name is still Jake.

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  1. Our little kittens look about the same age .... and have the same interests!!