Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Joey at the Beach - 1998

Joey at the beach
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This ornament was a project for my Camp Fire Club, but being the leader and being a freak about having enough supplies, I had plenty stuff left over to make one for Joey. I love this photo because it shows what a blondie he used to be back when he was two! He's so cute in that red coat! Was that really 10 years ago?

We were on a road-camping-trip to the Redwoods, this photo was taken about half way there, at Pismo Beach. The campground we stayed at was walking distance to the beach so we had to check it out. I remember being so shocked to see cars driving on the beach...people were actually camping on the beach! In Florida that's no big deal, but being from San Diego, it was quite a novelty.

I love that one bead is missing.


  1. What a cutie! Then they grow up and get all hairy and stinky! Oh wait....maybe that's just my son! :)

  2. Good one! Mine is still cute and hasn't started stiking too bad yet.