Friday, December 12, 2008

Crusin' Santa

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Mike and I bought this on a trip to visit his grandmother, oh, back in 1991 I think. That would make it a pre-marriage ornament, since we tied the knot in '92. We got this mostly because Mike had just bought a VW van. He bought it for $500 from a guy at work and it barely ran, the seats needed to be covered and there was rust (not bad rust, but enough to cause problems over the 15 years we owned it).

We always referred to our VW as "the Bus" which was confusing to some people. I'd say, "Mike took the Bus to work today." They'd say, "Oh, what's wrong, did his car break down?" We loved the Bus...we took it camping to the desert many times, he re-did the engine a few years back over the summer, and best of all, he proposed marriage to me in the Bus on a two week camping trip to Oregon and back. Great memories. He decided to sell it before our move across country to a guy who shipped it to England, so now the Bus is more well travelled than we are!


  1. Oh my goodness - you STARTED a blog!! I remember you running the idea around, but didn't know you actually did it!! I haven't even read a single word yet - I'm off to do that now - but I was just so excited about finding you that I had to leave a comment.

  2. Cool story! At least you still have the ornament!!