Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2004 Candy Cane

Elsie and I were shopping in this little village in Rancho Bernardo, I think, when I found this. It was after Christmas and everything was on sale. I got quite a few ornaments for the tree, some I gave away and some I kept. I think it's made of polymer clay.
These outings with Elsie have ended since my move to Florida. When I was living in San Diego, she would come visit her family in SD from New Jersey and we would go on all kinds of adventures around town. The best ones were trips to Coronado to see the Christmas tree at The Hotel Del and to Julian. Julian is a town in the Cuyamaca Mountains in San Diego. Most included shopping and lunch (and wine). The times when we didn't bring the kids were my favorite. Mostly because we didn't have the kids (nice break for me) but also because then we could really talk and eat at places that didn't have chicken nuggets on the menu. We did bring the kids with us many, many times...from when they were infants on up. Elsie still talks about the time we had Veronica in the stroller when we were having lunch at that restaurant in Sea Port Village that goes out over the water (can't recall the name of the place right now).
I knit Elsie a pair of gloves (see earlier post) this year for Christmas, for when she returns to New Jersey, she sure won't need them in San Diego! I hope she likes them and they fit. Her hands are old and little bent from arthritis so I think they deserve some knitted love to keep them warm.

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