Thursday, October 9, 2014

Throwback Thursday...MBYC Style!

One of the best memories we have from when the kids were little is going to the Yacht Club with Mike's folks.  The Mission Bay Yacht Club was our hang out on Summer afternoons once a week or so for a few summers.  It was so wonderful...we would pack up the kids and fixings for dinner and meet Mike's folks down at the bay.  MBYC has a private beach that would pretty much be deserted by the time we got here in the afternoon (after the heat of the day and naps).  They had nice clean bathrooms were we could shower off  sandy kids before heading home. A glass of wine, yummy appetizers and grilled hamburgers for dinner...and hanging out with our favorite people.  The kids would play in the sand and water and we would take turns sailing in Papa's boat! 

And once in a while, Mike and I would sneak off and have a few minutes to ourselves sailing around beautiful Mission Bay.

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  1. Those were good times! What a beautiful relaxing place to spend a summer afternoon. I'm glad you and Mike are still able to enjoy being on the water in your canoe!