Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday's Musings

Ah, Mondays.  I love 'em and I hate 'em.  I love Mondays because that's when I'm usually my most organized.  I have a rough plan for the week and I'm fired up to get on it! I usually have some running around to do, today is no different.  I'm taking Gracie to the groomer, need to return a cable box and exchange a remote at Comcast, go to the Post Office and grocery store. And I HAVE to watch Talking Dead and CSI recorded last night.

This morning I ran across an article in the Sunday paper entitled: There are time capsules full of history all over DC.  Really?  Ok, interesting.  Apparently there was a recent discovery of a time capsule discovered in Boston. The Old State House had a lion statue and inside the head was a copper box.  Cool. This prompted the author to discuss time capsules in DC. There's one under Freedom Plaza in memory of Martin Luther King Jr. that will be opened in 2088.  Another beneath the Holocaust museum, no word on when or if it will be opened. One commissioned by the Clintons isn't actually buried. It's in the National Archives building but it has some cool stuff in it like a picture of Rosa Parks, a cellphone and Ray Charles's sunglasses. My favorite was about one under the cornerstone of the Treasure Building.  There lies a satin-lined case in which President Andrew Jackson placed an item that motivated him to say, "I am placing a part of my heart in this building." It was a lock of his granddaughter's hair.

Our first house we bought in La Mesa has a time capsule we placed there while remodeling a bathroom.  It's a jar that includes a picture of our family and a list of what things cost (bread, gas, etc.). Probably a few other things, I can't remember. I think it was around 1995 or 6.  Who knows when it will be discovered, if ever.  I like thinking about it being there. Waiting.

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