Monday, October 6, 2014

Posting Once Again

In an effort to blog more, I'm going to try something new.  But before I get to more, you say? I don't have a big following of readers for my blog, I know that is a realty. Some family, some friends...knitter friends and otherwise. Sometimes I run out of things to blog about, yes, it does happen.  I just wonder if what I have to say or pictures I share or thoughts I have are remotely interesting to anyone, let alone the few "followers" I have.  There are fewer than a handful of people who comment.  I LOVE comments!!! I really appreciate those of you who take a minute to comment on my posts. It makes me feel so good, knowing you're read my blog! So, I apologize to those of you who are wondering if I'm going to stop blogging because you check everyday and there's been no posts for a while, I will try to remember you're out there and blog more often.

My new idea?  I'm going to give each day a "theme" and hopefully that will light the fire so badly needed under my rear end and get me blogging more often!

Here are the themes:
Monday Musings
Ten for Tuesday
Wordless Wednesdays
Throwback Thursdays
Friday Fun
Anything Goes Weekend Edition

So today is goes!

Fall is upon us here in the Mid-Atlantic states.  Trees are just starting to turn and leaves are falling. Temperature around 50 this morning as I walked Gracie around the neighborhood, coat and all. I'm running the day's activities though my mind.  There will be a lot of cleaning over the next week or so as we have our families coming to visit soon.  The "families" translate to Mike's parents and my Mom.  They both come about twice a year, always at the same time.  Well, not literally the same time, but within a week or two of each other and at the same time of year:  Spring and Fall.  Both are terrified of arriving for a visit and having the weather be too hot and muggy and too cold and freezing. Can you blame them? Thus, they come during the best weather travelers.

Ok, so when you have visitors you clean your house.  And not just any run-of-the-mill clean but company-staying-a week-clean. I'd say "mother-in-law" clean, but I love my MIL, she's super easy going and arrives without a white glove in hand.  And it's not just cleaning...all those things we've been putting off, well, now they have to be done!

I'm not complaining.  Oh no!  I so glad they're coming to visit! It's so much fun for us to find new things to do and see. We miss our families very much and appreciate them flying all the way out here to visit us on a regular basis!! AND...if no one came to visit, where would the incentive be to "super clean" and get stuff done?!  Thank you Mom, Al and MaryLou...for taking the time to visit and creating a reason for us to get stuff done around this crazy place!!  

Guess I better get off this computer and get to it then.


  1. I like your idea of the themes for each day!
    As for cleaning, if we didn't have people over so much my house would never get cleaned lol! Trish hosted a Pampered Chef party here yesterday, so guess what I was doing on Saturday (and one of the reasons I kept forgetting to call you!) Next up, Packer party and then Thanksgiving.
    And for the record, I'd love to visit you when it's cold and freezing. It's the GETTING THERE that I'd have a problem with, whether it be flying or driving haha!

  2. Have you gotten used to living in a cold climate or is 50 shorts weather?

    It's always motivating to get things done when overnight visitors are coming! Makes me wonder why it took so long!