Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday's Musing...

Good morning! It's a beautiful, cold, crisp Fall day! Sorry, fair warning, I'm a morning person. I have about 10 minutes till I take Justine to school and about that much time before one of my house guests, my FIL Al, gets up for some coffee.  OH, and he delivers tea to my MIL in bed.  Boy, did she train him well.  

I just saw on Facebook a video (actually couldn't watch the video because it was blocked for some reason, but I really didn't need to watch) about a guy on a train and he gets people on the train to dance with him.  Maybe you've seen similar videos? I saw another one of a guy walking the streets of New York and he gets people to dance with him for a few seconds, then moves on to the next person.  Not everyone dances, but the ones who do are not always someone you'd expect to, and it's always heartwarming and puts a smile on your face to see such joy and spontaneity. Makes me wish I met these people cuz you KNOW I'd be up and dancing, no hesitation!

So here's my thing. When I walk, I walk for around 45 minutes-1 hour at a time.  It's really boring to do it without music to keep your mind occupied. I usually have something upbeat and fun, there might be a slow-ish song now and then...but I keep walking fast!  Yeah, so here's the my mind, while I'm walking fast and listening...I'm DANCING.  I'm busting the best moves while on the outside, I'm just walking.  And if So You Think You Can Dance is on the TV, then I'm the best professional dance you're ever seen...I can tap, jazz, ballet and modern dance with the best of them.
Maybe someday I'll do it...really dance.  Till then, I'm walkin' on the outside and dancing on the inside.

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