Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ten for Tuesday; What I've been up to.

1.  We planted Spring bulbs!  Crocus, daffodils and tulips.  With any luck they will all show up this Spring.  I love having a flower garden and a veggie garden but I really don't enjoy gardening. I'd rather be knitting. (duh)

2. Halloween decorations went up! Headstones/graves in the front yarn and spiders crawling all over the house. Even light-up ghosts over the front door.

Funny how I love to decorate with spiders, I guess because they really do scare the crap out of me!

3.  Mike has power washed the decks.  They look so nice.

4.  I finished my Mystery knit-along scarf! It was a challenge for me to get this baby done.  It's made with Kidsilk Haze which is a kid mohair and silk blend.  So like knitting with a fuzzy thread.  And my needles weren't very sharp so I had to really slow down my usual pace...and heaven forbid if I had to tink (that's taking stitches out by knitting backwards for you non-knitter types)! But it's done and it's soft and beautiful and it's purple!! Here it is blocking:

5.  I made it through a photo challenge on Instagram.  It was for the month of September. I've never done this before and was it fun! It was sponsored by Soak (wool wash for you nkt). Each day had a theme, knitting or fiber related, and you the posted a picture with that theme. I shared a few on FB but not all.  Here's an example or two:
 Theme was "sweater".  It's my recently finished Cinnamon Girl.
 Theme was "cowl".  Extra points if you can read my new sticker on my iphone case.  haha  Oh, that pattern is Whorl.
Theme was "stash".  Since I didn't really want to flash my stash, I posted my newest knitting t-shirt.

6. I started watching a few new shows.
Intruders on BBC America.  It's an edgy drama about people who have figured out how to live forever. Confusing at first but now it's getting so good!! Can't wait to see what will happen next.
Gotham...a crime drama with James Gordon, Bruce Wayne and the beginnings of all the bad guys and gals.
Scorpion...drama loosely based on life of Walter O'Brien, self-proclaimed genius and computer expert.  It's a group of super smart people helping to solve crimes. American Idol contestant Katharine McPhee is in it too...not as a smartie but the mother of one.
And finally...Gracepoint.  An American remake of Broadchurch. I've seen Broadchurch so I know who-dunnit, but I was curious to see it anyway.  It's fun to re-watch when you know you is guilty (and watching Mike try to figure it out will be the most fun).

7. I'm taking a drawing class.  I've been away from that part of my life for too long.  Time to start in again.  I'm taking the class at our local Community College.  It's one of those "enrichment" type classes. The instructor is very nice, relaxed and easy going.

8. I changed my Ravatar for the month of October.

9. I'm working very hard to stay within my current purchases of yarn and patterns for all future projects, for a long while at least.  I really don't have a big stash but I do have plenty of yarn I love and want to knit.  That's hard to do when new yarn keeps distracting me.  So, remove the distraction and current stash gets knit up.  God, I hope so.  It helps that this is a tough time of year for us financially...no extra monies for yarnie purchases.  It's a good thing.

10.  Sweaters. My current sweater Carpino:

Mine is green.  Oh green, how I love thee.  

   And my next sweater, Persimmon:
Oh look!  Green. Next one, yes, but already started.  That will motivate me to finish Carpino which has just 1 1/2 sleeves and an i-cord neck to go before it's done!


  1. I don't know how much you've knitted with Cotton Fleece but I LOVE IT. It handles the washer and dryer quite well!! And holds stitch patterns beautifully. Can't wait to see Persimmon (and Carpino) finished and on Ravelry! Happy Knitting!

  2. With all that knitting, who has time for gardening anyways! Love your new ravatar!

  3. Those spiders - that's just wrong. They look real!

    I applaud you for knitting from stash. All the pretty yarn deserves to be paraded around in a finished knit!

  4. Great list! Your new ravatar is awesome!