Saturday, October 25, 2014

Gathland State Park

A visit to Gathland State Park with MaryLou and Al!
The park consists of buildings designed and built by this man (on the left), George Alfred Townsend. The building behind them is a museum, but was closed on the day we were there (only open on weekends).  There was a tomb, ruins of a barn (made of stone) and more.
 We walked around the grounds and found the empty why it's empty:
 The sign above the door reads "Good Night Gath."
 Beautiful stone archway.
The Appalachian Trail crosses this park!  My first time setting foot on the AT!  Look!  I'm just like Bill Bryson!! (Read his book A Walk in the Woods for a good laugh and insight into man versus nature.)
The park offers overnight parking for those who want to hike overnight on the AT. There was a nice covered pavilion with picnic tables so we had a picnic lunch looking at the beautiful park and Fall colors.

The best feature of this park is The War Correspondents Arch.
More on that to come...


  1. I've stepped foot on the AT in Georgia and would love to spend several days hiking it one year. I love spending days in parks such as this one!

  2. What a sad story about the empty tomb!! I love that arch ... looks like you have some great places to explore over there.