Wednesday, January 6, 2016

WIP Wednesday

WARNING:  If you're not a knitter, you might nod off reading today's post.

Do you know the knitting term WIPs?  WIP stands for Work In Progress.  Knitters know this all too well.  We always have WIPs going on...some of us more than others (present company included).  So, beginning of the new year and I'm thinking about ALL the knitting on deck to be stitched up this year.  Yarn, patterns, ideas...they're swimming around in my head, bumping into each other like crazy.  Sweaters in particular are on my mind.  I have three in progress and a bunch more in the queue, yarn bought and in the stash, just waiting their turn on the needles.  I know I can't and will not cast on any more sweaters till I finish the ones I'm already working on.  Go ahead and repeat as necessary that sentence if you're like me and have too many sweaters on the needles.  Go ahead, I'll wait.  Done?  Ok, once more now, to make sure it sinks in...

 Here are the three I'm working on:

 This is Rolling Rock.  It's worked top down and I'm about half way down the body, sleeves on hold.  I'm making it out of a Madelinetosh yarn, sport weight in a color called Mica which is light blues and grays.  

I also have two sweaters in progress in which my friend Teri and I are knitting together.  We're teaming up to knit about 10 sweaters (1 down, 9 to go) together.  She bought the yarn, I do the main part of the knitting and she does the sleeves.  Then we share the wear over the Fall/Winter months.

Fading Lines.  We're knitting this in a forest green Sunshine Yarns Classic Sock yarn.  The gradient for the front panel is really lovely.  Teri's gonna knit that part when I finish the body/sleeves.  I've finished the body and working on the first sleeve.

Pour Moi is the second of the two "team" sweaters.  It's knit in a worsted weight Madelinetosh yarn, color called is the most beautiful blue in the whole wide world!!!  This sweater is so close to being done...but yarn is running short so we may need another ball.  I should know soon.

I have yarn in the stash for another 4 sweaters I think, could possible be more.  I better get these done first. I'll work on Pour Moi today.  I wish it was done so I could wear it today...burr, baby it's cold outside!  Good motivation.

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