Thursday, January 21, 2016

Snowy Throwback Thursday

Throwback to Winter 2014 and the (insert dramatic music) POLAR VORTEX!!!

 It was snowy, icy and very, very COLD!!!
Justine and I had a blast shoveling snow.  I know you're not supposed to enjoy that activity but we did!

Fast forward....

And this morning, there was a nice dusting of an inch or so!  Our Christmas lights are still up and were sparkling in the snow.  So pretty!!

BIG blizzard headed this way on Friday about mid-day.  My weekend plans to go to the beach with the ladies has been cancelled.  We're gonna hunker down and ride out the storm (hopefully with power).  There may be some movie watching, game playing, hot cocoa drinking/adult beverage drinking and knitting (ok, definitely some knitting) going on!

I dyed a bunch of skeins for the shop so I can work on that during the storm, maybe.  Anyway, a sneak peak preview tomorrow on some new skeins...and some old favorites, too.

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