Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ten on Tuesday

Today's Ten on Tuesday asks us to post our 10 favorite David Bowie songs, in light of his untimely passing this week.  I really like David Bowie but I don't think I could come up with 10 favorite songs only because I have never owned an album and only fell in love with what was played on the radio.  I do remember thinking he was kinda weird when I was a kid...and "there's no way that weird looking guy sang that song I love so much" (upon first seeing him, in all his glory).  Or course as I got older, I could appreciate his uniqueness and amazing talent but I had moved on to other genres, musically speaking.

So looking back in the archives (for 10onT) and since I'm new to this, I found one in December that might work better for me.  Hey, it's my blog, and I can do what I want, right?  Anyway here's the subject:

10 Things I Did in 2015 That Made Me Feel Proud

1.  I started my own yarn shop on Etsy!

2.  I helped my husband paint our new home on the inside.

3.  I feel proud that we got our Florida home sold and found a new home that is a perfect fit for us.  I really had a sense of patience during the house hunt. I was the calm one and Mike was the anxious one.  I had to talk him down from panic a couple times.  I had faith it would happen and we would find a place to call home...and it would be a great fit of us!

4.  I knit many beautiful things.  I am really proud that I finish what I start and wear what I knit.

5.  I am still planning meals and cooking for my family.  It's been a struggle to feel up to doing this but it is part of my job and eating out is expensive.  Here's the struggle...the kids have busy lives, they aren't always home and two nights a week Mike and I are out doing our own thing.  So planning (and getting things defrosted in time) is difficult.

6.  I have been able to handle a sticky situation or two that have come up in my business with professionalism and grace.  (With help from a friend on occasion.)

7.  I am working on being a better friend.  I really want my friends to know I love and care about them (and I'm paying attention).  I feel proud to be friends with these people and I hope I've done right by them...I think I have.

8.  Sounds funny to say but I'm proud of my positive attitude.  I really try to see the best in everything.  Maybe a bit "pollyanna" of me but I feel lighter, physically, when I'm in a positive frame of mind.

9.  I have tried to say YES more.  To open the possibility to more of everything in my life.  It is something I always work on.  Last year there was a lot of  saying yes and I'm proud of that.  (Sometimes I said yes and I should have said no...see #6.)

10. I am really proud that last year I ventured back into doing more art.  I painted, drew and colored last year.  I even took a drawing class to jump start things. I'm really proud of the hand painted cards I've made.  If you're lucky, you might have received one.  I also started an art journal.  Just pages in a journal with drawings, paintings, anything I want on them.

A page from my art journal.

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