Friday, January 8, 2016

A Must Read!

Happy Friday!  In the future I intend to show off my FOs on Finished Object Friday....but today, alas, no FOs.  Although I did finish knitting all pieces of the Pour Moi sweater I mentioned yesterday.  Blocking, three-needle BO of shoulders, front band to knit and seaming still remain but most knitters would consider this stage (all pieces knit) very close to done.  I know I do!

So I saw this article on Facebook today.  I want all my non-knitter readers (and knitter-readers, too, of course...but you may have already seen this on social media) to READ THIS.  I know it's intended for journalists but many non-knitters have the same crazy ideas and stereotypes in their heads about knitters.  And it's funny, too (and not just to knitters, I'm sure).


Feel free to comment here about your thoughts after reading.  And if you want to learn to knit, I'll gladly teach you how.

And to all my knitter friends...happy knitting!

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