Friday, January 15, 2016

Scenes from the Week

 I took down the Christmas decorations this week.  I figured out why I hate that task so much.  When I put up the decorations, the whole family is there and it's fun, a lot of chatting, music, laughing; a celebration.   When I take them down, it's just me!  No party or celebration...boring and depressing.  But this year it was a little better.  I decided to put up this delightful winter scene made of paper I got for Christmas from my Aunt Kay!!  Well, she's not really my Aunt but she's like my mom's sister and I love her so she's very Aunt-like (not to be confused with Ant-like because of her red hair).  
 I got a few comments on FB with this photo.  It's the ornaments off the tree, about to be stored in the attic for two years.  That's right two years.  I have SO MANY ornaments that I've split them into two boxes and I rotate them every other year.  Some people thought I was very clever to do this, but truth be told, I'd have more than one tree every year if I could (and did for a few years in Florida)...there's just no room in the new house for more than one tree.
Warning:  If you decide to do this, put a big note inside (or tape on the outside) the year of the NEXT Christmas you will use the ornaments.  You will never remember. 
 I started the second sock in my latest pair of Sockadelic Socks.  I'm using yarn I got for Christmas from Mike.  It's a local knit shop's own yarn...really pretty and so nice to work with!
 The evenings got a little cold this week so we had a fire almost every night.  Gracie has a prime spot, curled up on the ottoman, under a blanket with the fire near by.  She's no dummy.
 The mornings this week were a little cold too.  7:14 a.m. and the real-feel is in the single digits!  Clear skies so no snow.  Keeping my fingers crossed it will snow at least once this winter.  FITF! (faith in the flakes!)
 Here's a nice blurry photo of my Inara wrap.  It has 12-125 yard skeins of two gradient colorways.  I'm working on the second to the last colorway and will finish soon.  It's long enough to cover me while I sit and knit...all the way down to my toes! 
We finally bought a treadmill!!  Yeah!  When it's too cold to go outside...take a walk inside in the lovely basement!  haha
So I've been walking this week.  My friend Teri and I call each other and chat while we both walk on our treadmills.  Time goes by much faster!

Justine got me this little speaker.  It syncs with my phone and I can listen to music or podcasts, much easier while I'm doing my thing...walking on the treadmill, cleaning the house or (you might have guessed) knitting!

I have a really fun weekend planned.  Hope you do too!
Make it a good one.

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