Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's For Dinner day edition

Before I tell you what's for dinner tonight, I'll tell you what new recipe I tried earlier this week. Crockpot Pot Roast from A Year of Slow Cooking. It looked like a good alternative to wanting to make Pot Roast but not being home all day. I immediately saw one problem with the recipe...not enough potatoes. My family LOVES potatoes! Two just wasn't gonna cut it. My second problem was my crock pot just wasn't big enough for all my potatoes...and everything else. So the potatoes weren't good, but the meat was very good. Still, I think I'll stick to an oven a bigger pot.

Now on to today...Chicken Enchiladas! There was a recipe in last week's paper, so I'm gonna try it. I've actually had really good luck with recipes from the newspaper (here and in San Diego).

My plan was to take some photos while I was cooking so this post could be more exciting. I forgot...obviously. The enchiladas turned out good. It was touch and go though because the corn tortillas kinda fell apart when I was transferring them to the pan, but after sauce and cheese on top, you couldn't really tell. The kids thought they were a little too spicy but ate them with little complaining. Mike loved them. I have to say, he really is easy to please. In 18 years of marriage, I can only think of maybe a couple times he didn't like the meal put in front of him. He will usually say "Thanks for cooking dinner." or "This is really good." etc. He's a simple guy when I comes to food...just put it in front of him and he's happy. I'm lucky. No not really, I did pick him, you know.

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