Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's For Dinner Wednesday

Tonight's meal: Grilled Tilapia, steamed broccoli and new potatoes. We found a new produce store called Corbitts in Green Cove Springs and went there on Saturday. That's where we picked up the veggies. It's very small, but they had nice stuff. They had the best smelling/tasting peaches I've found since our move to Florida. I was tempted to buy a bunch and make jam, but I'm not that motivated to stand over a hot stove.

I really need to make sure Mike is home early so he can grill the's so good! I usually just put some olive oil, salt and pepper on the fish. Very, very easy. The kids like it breaded, but on a Wednesday night, time is of the essence. I'd also like to get in a short run after work today.

I went to the Doctor yesterday for a check up on my cholesterol and blood pressure. He said all looks great, except my "good" cholesterol could be higher. He then turns to me and says, "Oh, but you're exercising, right?" I'm thinking, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Am I going to have to do more exercising to get this higher?! So I ask him what else I can do to make that number rise. He suggested drinking a glass of red wine every day (half a glass, really). OK, now you're and no additional working out...that's for me! My problem is, I usually get heartburn from red wine. I thought if I got a better quality (more expensive) wine, it would probably be kinder to me. So I went to a liquor store and talked with the wine-guy. I ended up getting a bottle of red from a local winery, San Sebastian. It was on sale and not that expensive, too. It's very yummy...had a half-glass last night and no heartburn.

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