Friday, October 8, 2010

Atomic Kitty

Lyra is now in full-on kitten attack mode. She attacks your feet and ankles at every opportunity, stalking you like you're her next meal. The crazy look in her eyes is a little scary. Then, with out provocation, she'll run through the house like a rocket, jump into the air with all four limbs stretched out, run under the ottoman and hide. She bumps her head on everything (Joey's sure she'll have brain damage.), I think she's just moving so fast, there's no time to see where she's going. And when Lyra runs through the house on the carpet, she sounds like a horse! How can that tiny kitten make so much noise?! Unless, of course, she's stalking you...then you better fear the quiet!! Out jumps atomic kitty!!

I have discovered something though...she completely loves the twist ties that come with a loaf of bread. I throw one on the floor and she's occupied for a good 15 minutes...and I can finish making lunches. Sweet!

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