Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Action Packed Weekend +

Lyra has found a new place to launch her attacks.
Not even the pantry is safe from her antics.

Sunday we had breakfast with Jodi!! Justine, Mike and I went to Orlando to see the band compete, stayed overnight, then on Sunday saw Jodi's new house and had a little chat time. We had a wonderful breakfast at a Cuban restaurant near her new home. It was really great to see my friend...I miss her!

Here's the band doing their field show in this past weekend's competition. It was at University High School in Orlando (about 2.5 hours away). Joey is one of those trumpets in the front couple rows. If he's marching, I can identify him, but in the photo...not so much.

There's Veronica, second marimba from the right (front row). She's easy to spot cuz she stays in one place! See how the band is standing? One leg is crossed behind...Joey said that's hard to hold without falling. I fear he's got some Godzilla in him..haha.
The band won third place over all and color guard got first. We're so proud! They looked and sounded great!!
We sat in 90 degree weather, in full sun for 6 hours. The life of a band parent. It was cool seeing all the different divisions and show styles. I did notice that any band that had props had trouble with them...nice to know things don't change. When I was in High School we did a field show to the music from Star Wars (so cool!). The drill team, which Becky and I were both in, did a routine with umbrellas...and something always went wrong.
This was from a football game a few weeks ago.
Tri update: 5 days away. EEEK!

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  1. Lyra is so cute! She'll be too big for some of those spots soon.

    Love the pic of you and Jodi!