Friday, October 8, 2010

Socks of Kindness

I started a KAL (that's a Knit-A-Long, for you non-knitters) with Jen and Charlotte. We're making the Socks of Kindness with Terracotta Malabrigo Sock...oh lordy, is it ever yummy! I had a hard time with the pattern at first. Just couldn't wrap my brain around my yarn overs and decreases mixed up. I decided to chart it out and then it all made sense. I finished the leg (5 repeats), heel (eye of partridge w/garter ridges) and I'm ready for the gusset. We're basically doing the pattern on the sock, but putting in our own cuff, heel and toe. It's a fun pattern, now that I have my chart to see me through.
Justine and I had a Tea Party yesterday...with water and Moon-Dough pastries.
I'm so glad she still likes to have fun with her mom. My time is running short on that, I'm afraid, so I'm gonna enjoy it while I can.

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