Saturday, October 30, 2010


Well, this will probably be the last time you'll hear from me till after the triathlon. Jen & Shevon will be here at 1pm today to pick me up, we'll swing by Starbucks for an iced coffee, then off to Inverness. It's about a 3 hour drive. When we get there, we'll probably show Shevon where the transition area is and take a few pics with the Cooter turtles. Here's one of me from last year. I am a bit nervous, but also very excited. This is a fun crowd at this race. It would be nice to beat my time from last year, but with my calves hurting, I'm not gonna push it. I would be nice to improve on my swim and bike time though. If I have to walk part of the run, I'll do that.
The weather sounds almost identical to last year, hopefully that means the temp of the lake as well. Last year the lake was 77 degrees, which sounds on the cold side, but the air temp was 57 so it actually felt pretty good. I'm SO glad Jen and I are in the same wave (group that starts the race together), it'll be comforting to stand with a friend waiting for the whistle to go off.
Wish us luck!!

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