Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oh Crap...was that Wednesday yesterday?!

Really. I just realized that yesterday was Wednesday and I didn't post. Crap. Good thing ya'll are patient with me. Ok, so yesterday...

My plan was to go to Cecil and swim laps then go to knitting and eat there. The family? Well, we have leftovers (ravioli) and chicken nuggets. And there's always McDonald's. So, I drive to the pool, pull in the parking lot and it's full! This usually means there's some sort of swim meet going on. Yup, as I walked to the door I discovered that not only was there a meet going on, but the facility was closed to patrons (that's me) AND it's going to be closed on Friday, too. That was the other day I was gonna swim. Double crap! Lucky for me, Diane has offered her neighborhood pool, so I'll swim there on Friday.

I got in my car, drove home, called Christine and said I was going to knitting, could they come get me, and ate at Whole Foods where out meetup was. My dinner was WONDERFUL! I had crab bisque with a buttermilk/parmesan biscuit. Delicious! Knitting was super fun. I helped another knitting almost all night, which might not sound good, but I really enjoyed it. She had taken a sock class from a LYS and as is typical of this particular yarn shop, didn't get the instruction she needed to start her socks. I tend to be a little "you have to do it this way" towards beginners because, well frankly, they just don't know enough to be left to their own devices. I hope I didn't scare her off and she'll be back. She seemed to fit in great with the group.

Hope your day was a good one. Oh, want to hear the latest from work? Remember I work at a church office, old buildings, in the woods...ok, go ahead. I got to work yesterday and Diane and Ms. Gale (preschool director) were on the porch waiting for me. Gale says to me, "Want to see my show-n-tell?" I knew it was gonna be bad. We walk in the classroom and there are rat droppings all over the floor along with wood shavings from it tearing up the wall. AND YOU COULD HEAR SCRATCHING FROM INSIDE THE WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Too many "exciting marks"...I don't think so, if you'd heard it you'd understand. Really the hairs on my arms were on end!) So our pest control guy is coming today to "take care of" the rats. UGH. Here's the bad part...if they eat the poison and die inside the walls/attic/or under the floors, it'll stink to high heaven! I'm gonna stay home if that happens. Really, I will. Just watch me.

What we really need at work is another Maggie. She was our church cat and we NEVER had rodent problems when she was around. She passed away last winter. Time for a new cat, I think.

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