Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Last night was my last big shopping trip for Christmas. I really wanted to get it done before the weekend when everyone and their mother will be out shopping. I went right after work and was home by six...sweet! Everything fell into place, I got exactly what I wanted for everyone and a few unexpected things, too. It was one of those shopping trips where, as I started to acquire bags, I got warm so I had to carry my coat, too...and my purse. I couldn't decide which was more worn out, my feet or my arms! Usually I don't wear a coat because I know I'll have to carry it around, but it was 46 degrees at 3pm yesterday...burrr!!!

I went into one store to get some stocking stuffers for the girls and I literally could barely make it around the display carousels. I was knocking stuff wasn't pretty. I have no idea how people get around in that store...I had bags and stuff, but if you were a big person with bags and stuff, you wouldn't be able to move through the store. Ugh.

What's for dinner Wednesday is kinda fallen by the wayside. I'm trying to come up with something fun for blogging for the New Year. Any ideas out there? Oh, dinner tonight? Left overs. There's ravioli, potato soup, spaghetti, grilled ham and cheese, Caesar salad and chicken nuggets...take your pick. Think I'll have soup and salad. Then off to knitting! Yeah!!

Stay warm today, if you're somewhere where it's cold (like here). If you're somewhere it's warm, well pftttt to you!

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