Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Concert

Last night was the Christmas Concert for the band and choir. A little too much choir, if you ask me, but I am a band parent so...
Joey had a solo in the concert band performance (Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas) and he also played in the Jazz Band. Jazz band is so awesome! They sound great and get the audience all charged up. Joey was one of five trumpets, who stood up the entire time during the jazz band was great, because we could see him! And when concert band played, since he's First Chair, he sat on the end and we could watch him the whole time.

Veronica played with the percussion ensemble and the symphonic band. When she plays with the whole band, she's always in the very back and usually plays auxiliary (all those funny sounds that make Christmas music so fun). They played Sleigh Ride and Veronica did the bells the whole time. A mom next to me asked if Vs arms fell off after jingling those bells through the whole song...haha.

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