Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Well, here it is, December 1st. Christmas is a mere 24 days away. I've only bought one Christmas gift, but I do have my Christmas trees and decorations AND lights up. Did you catch that? Yes, this year we have two trees. We've had a fake tree for years (since the year the water stand leaked and ruined my hard wood floor), so this year I requested we get a small real tree. Lord knows we have plenty of ornaments. I could probably have three and still have plenty, only problem is space...where would I put a third tree?!
Anyway, I'm going to post every day till Christmas! It'll be something related to Christmas...a picture, something fun and Christmas-ie we did as a family or with friends. Hope you enjoy it! A couple years ago I did this, but I featured a different ornament each day. It was in 2008 if you want to take a peek.

This is what setting up the fake tree looks like in our house. They eventually got it set up.

Christmas just isn't Christmas unless these three Santas are hanging up! My mom had a set of these when we were growing up (still does, in fact) and us kids would jump to see which one we could reach...this would change over the years as we grew taller. One year I copied them and made a set for me and my three siblings. One of my coolest gifts ever, if I do say so myself.

Now my kids are jumping to see which one they can reach...very cool.

What's for dinner Wednesday? Tacos tonight! Then our knit group is heading down to Green Cove Springs to decorate our tree for the Parade of Trees. You can look for an update on that tomorrow.

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  1. One year I'd love to have 2 trees too! It sounds like fun. I usually only decorate the living room. The three Santas you replicated are adorable and I really love the family history that goes with them.